NNFT c / Non-Non-Fungible Token is an NFT that wasn't, an aborted attempt to create a speculative protocol for a Carbon Negative NFT process and watermark*. Building directly upon Sven Eberwein's work to use NFTs to push the "conversation of crypto's ecological impact forward". Offsetting 2t of CO2 through Offsetra, and validated by the Verra Registry of Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) Retirement. I advocate for a dualist approach of both Nature and Nurture offset projects. In this example the 'Nature' offset is linked to a carbon sequestration via reforestation, and the 'Nurture' offset to renewable energy projects. Due diligence research led me to abandon minting the NFT at the last minute, however, I've documented the thought process below - as a contribution to the Internet(s) of Values.

*All information is based on a layman's understanding of cryptocurrency / ETH / NFT / carbon offsetting.

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