Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck, 2016
The Alternative School of Economics uses the practice of self education and artistic practice to study economics, creating a framework for investigating political, social and cultural issues.

Economics is part of everyday life. Many of today's most potent and important subjects such as immigration, equality, housing and the state are increasingly talked about by politicians and the media only in economic terms. This creates a new demand upon us, the general public, the student, the life-long learner - to understand the workings of the economy and how it effects our lives.

The Alternative School of Economics takes this challenge by understanding the study of economics to be the creative study of everything; politics, geography, conflict, sociology, social relations, viewed through the lens of day-to-day reality and personal experience.

All studies are made collaboratively in groups, with the aim for non-hierarchical mode of learning. The approach is to use the link between self-education and ways of working as an artist, in which study is self motivated and stems from personal and political interest and experience.

The Alternative School of Economics uses this as a way to create open investigation into a particular subject or area that begins with the complexities of lived experience - for example - the need to learn to speak English, or the exploration of wealth across the city of London by teenagers from one of the cities poorest boroughs.

Studies and projects have different time frames and some have physical outcomes - previously these have included teaching posters for future study, films, pamphlets, photographs, publications and spaces.

Currently The Alternative School of Economics is in residence at Rabbits Road Institute, Manor Park.