The School of ______
Appropriate Entitlement
Ted Hunt, 2016
The School of Appropriate Entitlement has taken on the task of appropriately titling and redefining the entitlements of institutions, individuals and ideas. The school builds upon the thoughts of Jay L. Garfield and Bryan W. Van Norden (New York Times, 2016) proposing "that any department that regularly offers courses only on Western philosophy should rename itself 'Department of European and American Philosophy'" given that only 15% of the top 50 philosophy doctoral programs in North America teach any non-Western philosophy. Whole swathes of human wisdom and philosophy such as Chinese, Africana, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, Latin American, Native American or other non-European traditions are disregarded by our current institutions understanding of a 'Department of Philosophy'.

Supporting this observation is the insight giving rise to The School of Organising surfacing the fact that current Business or Management Schools raison d'etre is to 'teach capitalism' above all other means of trade and organization when we really examine their purpose and practice.

The School of Appropriate Entitlement has begun the process of re-entitlement of the existing titles currently misappropriated to our constructed realities. Both the school's Provost and Rector are aligned in the belief that "in calling things what they actually are we might hope to unveil the world as it is, rather than how it is presented to be, and in questioning what we each have the specific privilege or right to own we begin to understand how our notions of entitlement have misled us to the concocted alter of individualism".