The School of ______
Creative Good
Dan Phillips, 2016
The School of Creative Good is a community of learners that aims to foster action and reflection based on the twin pillars of ecological creativity and ethical dialogues and introspection.

Ecological creativity is the basis of action and empowers every learner with the tools needed to become part of the evolutionary process of adaptation that underlies thriving and diverse ecosystems on our planet. It is underpinned by scientific investigation, community engagement, design-led research, learning by doing and outcome-oriented measurement and adjustment.

Ethical dialogues and introspection are the methods that the school uses to empower learners to direct their creativity towards greater good. The methods include convivial conversations (with food and drink) in simple but inspiring environments (especially nature rich spaces) where learners discuss the meaning of 'good' and the impact of action or inaction on personal, communal and planetary wellbeing. These are supported by individual reflection on meaning and direction using a variety of holistic methods from helping others, making together, physical exercise, meditation and artistic acts of selflessness.

The school sees itself as a catalyst for social entrepreneurs and a humane venture capital foundry.

The school is a work in progress.