The School of ______
J. Paul Neeley, 2016
The School of Everything emerged from the realization that everything is connected and nothing exists in isolation. The school exists because all traditional knowledge approaches have proven too narrow in their scope and consideration, in the past teaching kinds of specialization that create whole system blindness and lead to devastating cumulative consequences as society optimizes for parts rather that the whole. The school's purpose is to equip next generations with a New Kind of Design, giving them tools, mindsets, and approaches that allow them to consider everything in their approach to understanding anything, students emerging from The School of Everything as young Design Gods. It identifies complexities, contradictions, side effects, externalities, secondary consequence, tertiary consequence, everything, and allows for radically expansive consideration and understanding leading to new paths forward, rather than merely solving for or capitalizing upon immediate "problems" and "opportunities." The school sets out to save the world from traditional design and business practices that lead to the cumulative catastrophic collapse of life supporting systems, and creates thinkers who begin to give us new hope for the future and real alternatives to growth.