The School of ______
Manufactured Beauty
Stephanie Cedeno, 2016
The School of Manufactured Beauty will meet in the speculative observatory of Manufactured Beauty where students enjoy a semester of study and cultural immersion in sunny Los Angeles, California.

The facilities of Manufactured Beauty operate as frameworks for visualizing the processes of pollution and contamination in our cities. By juxtaposing moments of man-made phenomena against the natural world, the invisible and near-mythic come into focus. These sights highlight the complex outputs of existing machines and speculates their everlasting, yet eerily aesthetic effects.

The 6-week program will take you to sunny Los Angeles, California, where we will deconstruct the mesmerizing colors of dawns and sunsets in the LA skyline to reveal how fine dust particles trapped in the stratosphere make these sublime views happen. Although LA's smog has cleared significantly since the 1950s, damage in air quality remains.

Our series of experiments will dissect LA's pollution with the motivating question: how does human interjection affect our natural landscape? The School will investigate key questions regarding the relationship between environmental and anthropogenic factors; ultimately, however, the class is an exploration into contemporary aesthetics and our abilities as citizens to influence it.

Our ongoing experiment, Sunset Alteration, can be visited here.