The School of ______
Open-Source Everything
Charlie Gedeon, 2016
With the advent of technology, the possibility to make the source of knowledge not only globally accessible, but also editable is finally a reality.

As OSES (Open-Source Everything School), we allow and encourage students to manipulate any data pertaining to the school, including, but not limited to, their own curriculum, their peers' curriculum, studying material, assessment questions, administration tools, and the school's website.

Students, faculty and administration at OSES are all called contributors. Contributors ranks are defined by the amount they contribute to the data, as well as by peer-reviewed quality checks, much like existing open-source communities such as Wikipedia.

All changes and contributions are always tracked and anyone can choose to revert to previous versions if need be. One of the benefits of an open-source system is that members that don't agree with the source code changes, but want to develop on that base, can create a fork and continue to develop it on their own.

We believe this highly fluid model, based largely on mutual trust, will empower our contributors to become active participants in society outside of the school, and help them develop their own communities as well.