The School of ______
Snowflake Curriculums
Charlie Gedeon, 2016
No two snowflakes are ever alike, and nor should this be true of any two curriculums. However, we can't expect of any human, or group of humans for that matter, to achieve this utopic ideal in a way that is economically viable and psychologically healthy.

Thanks to advances in machine learning, we can envision a school with an operating system taking the place of people doing repetitive administrative work. SchoolOS, as it would be called, would be able to observe students' growth based on a variety of inputs including assignments, psychological tests, and student preferences. It will then build a completely customized curriculum and study guide for said student that will be reactionary and evolve dynamically.

SchoolOS will free up the time from faculty by eliminating all administrative tasks so that the teacher can focus on what a teacher does best: facilitate group dynamics and expose children to new materials.

The excuses pertaining to cost and human resources for standardized testing and curriculums will be rendered immediately null with the introduction of SchoolOS. It will ensure that students are learning what both they, and society, need but provide it at a time and pace that is suited entirely to the individual.