The School of ______
Speculative Detectorism
Nathan Burr, 2016
The School of Speculative Detectorism specialises in fabricating histories through the manufacture and distribution of faux archeological artefacts designed to be buried within landscapes. Students are trained as craftsmen/women in a range of traditional materials and techniques and encouraged to continue this training onto a Master Craftsman level. Some students are happy to specialise solely in these traditional skills but many combine these with digital technologies and 3D printing. Classes in ancient and modern history, archeology, creative writing, aural storytelling and gallery curation are all part of the curriculum to help students develop strong narratives from which to design their artefacts.

Previous projects developed by students have ranged from the slight alteration of a 'ready-made' history (Pierre Moitier's #GuyFawkes project), some are inspired by science fiction (Jane Winnow's #CloseEncounters project) while others have rethought religious iconography (Tobias Surman #MiracleMythologies project). With recent projects we are noticing a shift to students revising their own personal narratives through the reworking of family heirlooms (Leanna Schema #WhoWasI? project.

Equipment and skills prospective students must process/ have experience of - before applying are -
Metal Detecting
GPS map reading
Site-specific art

Other desirable skills -
3D Printing
Anthropology - A good rounded knowledge of local, regional, national and international folklore and traditions.

We run weekend and school holiday classes in history making for children aged 6 - 16 years.

Open days - 23rd/24th June
Application deadline - 3rd July
Interviews - 21st July