The School of ______
The School
A conversion between Alasdair Duncan & Biin Shen, 2016
1. A man knows what is not a man
2. Men recognize themselves among themselves
3. I declare myself to be a man for fear of being convinced by men that I am not a man. Perhaps the idea of a school in the analytical sense - one which can't guarantee the act in advance of the act in a certain way.

Biin: Based on the above. How you distinguish random and not-guarantee-advanced act?
Alasdair: this is the point of this school - a not-guarantee-advanced (NGA) act is not random - It is not means without a bit of knowledge, but they cannot guarantee the response to what they do - the student will respond according to the logic of their symptoms, and not according to any theory in advance of that - the symptoms of each are particular to them, but it is also true that there are things that can be understood about the way a person enjoys their symptoms in a more generalized way. A school, which guarantees knowledge in advance of the act, kills the vitality of the act.

Biin: Does education and political suppose to be guaranteed in advance?
Alasdair: politics can't properly guarantee its outcome in advance, which is why we have lots of different parties, and different views on what might be the right thing to do. On the other hand, Freud found that there is always something symptomatic which couldn't be eliminated. Always an excess. A remainder, of symptom. And Lacan's idea is that this remainder of the symptom is a core symptom which cannot be further reduced, and which we have to accept and learn to rely on, since it gives consistency to all the other symptoms. One of the ideas of Lacanian analysis is to reduce our symptoms to this core symptom, which itself does not have any meaning, and which we can depend upon, more than something which signifies - a signifier has no value other than that which is created by contrast to its surrounding signifiers. In a way you could say that all groups are formed according to this logic, and a school is such a group.

Biin: Reminds me the vase example again.
Alasdair: Yes, the vase. That's right! You've got it. A man does not know what a man is, he only knows what it is not - Eric Laurent. The School of The School, which does not suppose a professional guarantee prior to its act is quite different to those which suppose a causal chain which runs from what is given, to a knowledge, to an act which is guaranteed by that knowledge, and onwards.