I propose to reimagine the RCA Shuttle bus as; a Chair, an Oak Tree, a Pirate Ship, a Time Machine, a Pretence. Every 30 minutes between June 25 - July 3.
Ted Hunt, RCA MA Design Interactions 2014/16

/ a Reimagining of the Imaginary
To be unrealistic is now entirely realistic. The pursuit of exploring possibility, of being otherwise, of better alternatives, is no longer purely romantic, speculative or an impossible fantasy. What is really impossible is staying as we are. Our very survival now depends on our re/imagining other ways of living and being.
/ an Oak Tree
Starting from Michael Craig-Martin's 1973 conceptual art work An Oak Tree reimagining /the imaginary will invoke it's intention in questioning the accidental properties of artefacts.

/ a Pirate Ship
A shuttle bus that serves the primary function as a means of transport, can be spontaneously transformed through a child's play into a Pirate Ship sailing hostile waters. For a short but significant duration this table is occupied entirely by its purpose as a ship, when play concludes it returns to its original form.
/ a Time Machine
Linear time is a concept where by time is seen sequentially, as a series of events that are leading toward something, from a beginning towards and an end. Time can be perceived in many different means, however. reimagining /the imaginary will render a shuttle bus as a machine which manufactures time.

/ a Pretence
An attempt to make something that is not the case, appear true through the suspension, destruction, and production of disbelief.
/ a Chair
Joseph Kosuth's 1965 work One and Three Chairs unifies both concept and realisation as an exploration of object, depiction and definition. Where does a chair begin and end? Can a shuttle bus serve the purpose and constitution of a chair?

For further information on reimagining /the imaginary, or to register interest in participation, please email ted.hunt@network.rca.ac.uk