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plural noun
1. a record or statement of financial expenditure and receipts relating to a particular period or purpose.
2. a report or description of an event or experience.

The below documents represent both quantitative and qualitative open accounts of my Critical Design practice (supported by freelance Creative Strategy) from 2016 to date. They are published here in response to a critique of the reality in practicing Critical Design outside of academia raised by Afonso Matos in WHO CAN AFFORD TO BE CRITICAL?, and follow a format of open accounting and compensation transparency used by The White Pube. This information is intended as an act of Mutual Aid to give design students and recent graduates interested in practicing Critical Design an example, yet not definitive, reality of its challenges and affordances.

Quantitative Financial Accounts 2016 -2024
Best viewed on desktop / laptop.

Qualitative Anecdotal Accounts 2016 -2024
Best viewed on desktop / laptop.

Anatomy of a Critical Design Project
The below examples present a transparent overview of funding / production / artist fee dynamics of 4 prototypical self-initiated Critical Design projects:

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