Design for an Entrance to the Internet (Workshop). / A workshop and ongoing research project which uses Sir John Soane's unrealised architectural speculation 'Design for an Entrance to London' (c 1805) as a means to reimagine how we directly access and perceive the internet as the modern equivalent to the living organism of a city. The workshop questions how we might do this in a way that more critically considers the role access to the internet plays in authoring our interpretation of reality, our shared values, our social potential and human evolution.

Visits; DesignForAnEntranceToTheInternet.com

Design For an Entrance to London, Sir John Soane, c 1805

Guest Speaker: James Williams, University of Oxford / Photography: Adam Peacock / Participants: Sophie Chatellier, Kristian Vistrup, Juliana Futter, Perry-James Sugden, Yinan Song, Georgia Ward-Dyer, Sarah Sajid, Josie Tucker, Christy Avraam, Robert Walker, Diana Tanase, Daria Jelonek / Thanks; Ruth Houlsby and John Bridges of Sir John Soane's Museum

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