Free The Press / Crises: A Re-Edited Editorial Policy c / Although media outlets such as The Guardian, The Observer, The New York Times etc have made a conscious editorial decision to report the climate crisis without scepticism, there still seems to be an unconscious bias towards nested editorial policies that advocate and encourage the very behaviours that are driving these same interrelated crises.

Is the free press really free? Are progressive media institutions genuinely doing all that they reasonably can to set the high water mark of responsive and responsible journalism in a time of existential crises?

27/05/2021 marked Extinction Rebellion's weekend uprising to #FreeThePress. Although the target of the campaign was to bring critical attention to the power of just four (climate sceptical) billionaires over the free press - I've used the opportunity to bring greater critical thinking to so-called progressive media. Through a series of speculative "re-edited editorial policy" changes and From > To exemplifications.

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