A place called LOVE; a speculative meme c /

On a quiet back street of London there is a house named LOVE. I walked past it this morning. Two hours later I returned to take this picture, having concluded the following;

This house has an agenda, it has a manifesto, it has a purpose, and all of these things are written large outside of it for the entire world to see. And it is LOVE. Every morning when its inhabitant's leave this home they leave LOVE, and when they return home they return to LOVE. No matter what happens at work they always have this place of LOVE to return to. Their professional life can't touch this, it's theirs and theirs alone.

They own this LOVE. This is a home where LOVE is nurtured, where the people and things that are brought into it are there to specifically feed and promote this LOVE. This isn't a home merely for the 'stuff' that we're sold and told says something about us, that our choice of which is a curatorial statement about our selves, that is owned inside and out by those looking to make money out of us. This is a home for LOVE.

Now imagine. What if this became a movement? What if all of our homes had LOVE written above our doors? What if we all returned to LOVE every evening, and everyone who lived in our home and visited our home understood this was its purpose, this is what it housed? What if the collective power of social media allowed this simple act to spread through our communities at an unseen rate? For citizens to reclaim their own homes from those who try to invade them with their own ideals. What if the thinly veiled aspirations of business and governments were replace with something actually real? What if this became a global movement within days? LOVE in London, Amor in Madrid, Karlek in Stockholm, Liebe in Berlin, Ai no in Kyoto, Ai in Shanghai. LOVE painted, chalked and engraved above doors across the world as a statement.

We finally own something that you don't, something you can't sell to us, something more valuable than anything you could ever create and market to us. And we are eternally happy with this. We now need no more from you. Thank you, but enough now.

Imagine that this movement spread so quickly that global leaders had to be briefed on what was going on, that this movement was beginning to challenge the very notions of power they hold so dear. That intelligence agencies would seek the originators of this movement to find if there were links between it and anything they could class as terrorism or hooliganism. But that they found no such originators, that the source was anonymous. The source was just an idea.

Imagine that an advertising agency, noticing this phenomenon, quickly acted to harness it's power for their client by replicating it's intention in the name of their brand. That they knew if they were going to do this they'd have to 'do it big' and before anyone else. But that this campaign was met with universal scorn, it had come to close to what is ours. It had tried to dirty our purity with an agenda of profit. That the brand in question were suddenly faced with it's worst ever performing advertising campaign, with the ultimate measurement of failure of our time; lost shareholder value. And that the internationally acclaimed creative director behind the campaign would hold his head in his hands upon hearing this news and quietly smile "Our old tricks just don't work anymore. Thank Christ, finally." Imagine that LOVE began to be re-owned by individuals again, so tenderly that any brand coming anywhere near to it was aggressively resisted.

This is a single page on the internet written by an individual. There is no brand behind it. No movement. No organisation. They look for no recognition for the ideas it contains. They only hope that as you read this you may feel something. And it may feel real. More real than any television advert or marketing campaign designed specifically to pull at our heart strings, designed to harness and manipulate our LOVE with no other agenda than to turn it into financial profit for themselves.

And if this is the case, maybe you to should call your home LOVE.

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