The School of ______
New Frequencies
Ted Hunt, 2016
The School of New Frequencies acknowledges that our biological evolution has afforded us the ability to see only about a ten-trillionth of the existing electromagnetic spectrum. Through identifying, mapping, materialising and manipulating frequencies outside of our immediate perception the school seeks to inhabit an alternative landscape of human potential. The School of New Frequencies regards the current input systems our brains make meaning from as fluid rather than fixed, and builds upon the understanding that our consciousness is capable of making meaning from any input it is given rather than being limited to the inputs of our evolutionary inheritance.

The school is currently researching the use of inaudible sound waves, unseen light waves, x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays and micro waves as the initial neo mediums of cultural and artistic expression. An opera written in ultra sound at 25,000 Hz (beyond the range human audible sound frequency), a feature length film rendered in a palette of ultra violet and infra red, and a mapped topology of the biosphere drawn from gamma rays are a few of the first projects being explored by the school.

The School of New Frequencies is attempting to make sense of none sense and as such present new possibilities for humanity whilst pioneering new fields in which the human experience can exist.