The School of ______
Nonlinear Reinvention
Anonymous, 2016
The School of Nonlinear Reinvention sees little point in design schools teaching the crafts and practice of; wearable technology, the internet of everything, UX design, robotics, AI and biodesign as the speculated key technological inventions of our future whilst knowing that each will most likely either be a short lived fad or socially irrelevant within 5-10 years. In turn the school sees even less relevance in building million pound academic temples to worship these technologies and their commercial applications. Instead the school endeavours to teach the behaviours related to continual nonlinear reinvention in preparing its students for careers in which they will likely have to reinvent themselves and their skill sets again and again, and faster and faster. As such The School of Nonlinear Reinvention believes that an underlying foundation in the deep understanding of the considered limits and conscious trade offs related to the practice of design in relation to technology far outweigh the niche investigations into the aforementioned technological fetishes.

The school takes a nonlinear strategy to reinvention following the unplanned and organic nature of evolution. Reinvention is discouraged when purely for the sake of 'novelty' or 'disruption', and encouraged as a means to allow both individuals and communities to thrive and survive as they have always sought to thrive and survive.